Areas of interest

EDVSA is an Engineering and Construction company specialized in developing turn key projects for oil& gas, energy and mining markets. We carry out integral projects, covering from feasibility studies, technical and economic assessments, business and financing plans, integrated projects of conceptual engineering, start-up, operation and maintenance.

Based on our work methodology that focuses on the client and the project, together with our outstanding technological and management capacity, we carry out our activities in an efficient and reliable way, in strict compliance with quality, safety, health and environmental standards.

Oil & Gas

EDVSA takes part in the Oil&Gas market by providing engineering and consultancy, modular plants, turn key plants, automatization and control systems, and operation and maintenance services.

Broad experience in:


  • Processing plants
  • Pumping plants
  • Compressor plants
  • Water injection plants
  • Separation plants
  • Gas treatment plants
  • Early stage facilities


  • Flow line
  • Transport (ducts)
  • Storage (tanks)
  • Transference and load stations


EDVSA’s broad experience in the energetic market allows it to offer integral solutions that cover from the design to the start-up of generation, transmission, transformation and distribution projects. We stand out in the execution of highly complex projects, conditioned by geographic, weather or deadline factors.

Broad experience in::


  • Thermal plants: open and close cycles
  • Renewable energies: wind and solar


  • 132 kV Overhead high-voltage lines

Transformation and distribution

  • High and mid voltage substations

Sustainable development projects

In 1993, after more than 20 years in the energy market and having accumulated enough strength, experience and social responsibility, we decided to set up EDVSA PDS, a business unit engaged in development project management, basically based in the sustainable exploitation of renewable resources and local people participation.

The following interest areas make up our PDS project portfolio:

  • Hydro-electric exploitation by means of small plants.
  • Mid and high wind-powered parks.
  • Energy efficiency studies.
  • Bioclimatic architecture.


EDVSA counts on experience to provide services oriented to engineering services and project management for the mining sector, related to mineral treatment, auxiliary services and complementary studies; and construction and development of modular units, turn key plants and control systems.

Broad experience in:

  • Infrastructure
  • Electrical power
  • Electromechanic mounting

O&M services

EDVSA started developing its wide experience in Operation and Maintenance Services in 1998, offering electrical power mounting services in Las Heras. This project was followed by several other ones in El Trapial oilfield, Los Perales oilfield, Cerro Dragón oilfield and Koluel Kaike, BRM offshore platforms, among others.

Most of the supply of our O&M services is still ongoing, with stable personnel involved both directly, and indirectly with them. Many of these services have exceeded their original expected scopes, stressing EDVSA's capability to satisfy the needs of its costumers and the outstanding performance of the implemented management model.